Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Read through our Teddy Bear Birthday Party Ideas and incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party.

Ask guests to bring their own favourite bear friend!


Check out our cool Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas for invitations.

Take a picture of your daughter surrounded by all of her teddy bears or dress her up in a baby bear costume and take a photo. Print it out and cut in shape of teddy bear. Ask guests to bring their favourite teddy bear and add the party information.

Wording:"Baby Girl is having a "beary" 1st birthday party! Come and join us and bring your favourite teddy bear! The party will be held the "date and time" until "time" at "address". RSVP to Anna "phone nr" before "date"."

Dress Code

Dress up your daughter and her teddy bear in the exact same clothes, this is very cute.

- Teddy Bear Birthday Party -


Pick all or some of our Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas for decorations.

If you are having a outdoor party get a large white tent and hang lots of red, blue and yellow balloons around the tent. If you are having the party indoors, make a teddy bear cave in the corner of the party room and hang lots of red, blue and yellow teddy bear balloons around the party room and don’t forget to include colourful streamers! Also, put your girls stuffed toy bears all over the party.

Decorate the house with lots of paw prints: draw a paw onto cardboard paper, cut and use it as a sample for cutting brown paws out of brown paper. Cut lots of paws put them all over the party area. On the floor, on the furniture etc. If you have a pathway leading to the house, use coloured paint to draw paw prints in front of your front door (use the cardboard paw sample to make the paw steps).

On the food table, put your daughters favourite teddy bear in a chair with a tied balloon to the chair. Used plates, cups, & forks, and napkins with teddy bears on them.

- Teddy Bear Birthday Party -

Games & Activities

Look at our awesome Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas for games and activities.

Teddy Flag
Let the kids make Teddy Flags, provide construction paper, scissors, teddy stickers, crayons, and glue. Use long straws as flagpoles. Encourage the kids to design their own flag for the use of the Teddy Parade!

Teddy Bear Parade
Play marching music and let the kids parade around the house, yard, caring their bears and waving their flags.

Teddy Bear Relay
Divide the children into 2 teams and let them stand in two lines. Place a box approximately 26 feet in front of each line. The children have to run, one at a time, and drop their Teddy’s in the box and then run back to their team, and then the next person in line does the same. The team who finishes fastest wins.

Musical Teddy Bear
Similar to musical chairs, the children have to play this game while holding their Teddy's.

What does Teddy Bear
Sing the rhyme "what does Teddy Bear, what does Teddy Bear" "Teddy Bear turns around" and the children have to turn around, then you go again "what does Teddy Bear, what does Teddy Bear" "Teddy Bear touches his nose" then the children mimic you and touch their noses and then you go again "what does Teddy Bear, what does Teddy Bear" "....lies on the floor ...smiles ....touches his ears ....touches his toes etc. It's fun if you are dressed up like a Bear when playing this game, this game is also good for kids over 2years.

Bear Game
Make a big face of a bear using a overhead projector and cardboard. Cut, paint on the bears face. Cut a round hole for a mouth. Let the kids play a game to see how many balls they can shoot through the mouth.

Bear Painting
Can you face paint or do you know some one who can.

Teddy Piñata
It's lots of fun and kids love this.

Story Time
Finish the party off with a good Teddy Bear story.

- Teddy Bear Birthday Party -

Food & Drinks

We have lots of yummy Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas for food and drinks, have a look below.

Pick the suggestion you fancy the most!

  • Cheese Bear Sandwiches: Spread a slice of bread with butter, us a cookie cutter to cut a bear shape from a slice of cheese. Put the cheese bears on the bread slices and toast the sandwiches.

  • Bear Sandwiches: Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, us a cookie cutter to cut bear shape sandwiches.

  • Bear Burgers: Use a cookie cutter to cut bear shape burgers.

  • Mini Bear Pizza: Use a cookie cutter to cut bear shape mini pizzas, before putting the pizza in the oven.

  • Bear Munchies: Cut carrots and celery into sticks, cut apple into slices.

  • Teddy Grahams: Serve bear shaped graham crackers, (get them from your supermarket).

  • Bear Ice Cream: Ice cream with gummy bears.

  • Bear Candy: Buy or make cupcakes and decorate them with gummy bears.

  • Bear Drink: Mix soda with cranberry and "bear ice", you can buy bear ice in the form of bears, usually they come in different colours and can be re-used. Just put the bear ice in the freezer and it will become teddy bear ice. This is for decoration use only, you can't eat the bear ice! You will find this kind of ice (they come in many shapes and forms) in most party stores!

  • Soda & Water

  • Strawberry & Chocolate Milk: Milk with different taste.

- Teddy Bear Birthday Party -


Our Teddy Bear Birthday Party cake is very easy to make!
Picture of Teddy Bear Cake 1. Picture of Teddy Bear Cake 2.

Teddy Shaped Cake: You need two round cake pans and cupcakes for legs, arms, nose and ears. Frost everything with chocolate frosting and embellish face and body. Then add brown liquorice for the mouth, and two brown M&Ms for the eyes!

Goody Bags

Fill the Teddy Bear birthday Goody Bags with one small stuffed toy bear, blowing bubble, bear rubber stamp, stickers, colouring book, crayons, gummy bear candies and other bear relative items. As for the actual treat bags, use yellow "lunch sacks" tied with blue ribbon for boys and pink ribbon for girls.

- Teddy Bear Birthday Party -

Thank You Note

Take lots of pictures the day of the party, especially with guests and their teddy bears. Print them out and send this pictures out with a note saying something like "Thank You For Coming to My Teddy Bear Birthday Party" to the corresponding guest.

I hope our Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas has helped you in your planning and I hope your princess will love and enjoy her Teddy Bear Birthday Party!

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