Spa Birthday Party

Read through our Spa birthday party ideas and incorporate the best ideas into your party.


Spa Invitations
Get pink invitation paper and envelopes, print in silver font. Include some glitter or confetti and 2 mini soaps inside the envelope so that it spills out when the invitation is opened. Spray the invitation with perfume.

Candles or Soaps Invitations
To make this Spa birthday party invitation you need special smelling candles or soaps. Tie the candles or the soaps with a raffia or a ribbon and attach it to a tag, inviting your guests. Hand-deliver your invitations or mail them.

"Name is invited to Anna's Spa Birthday Party!
Which will take place the "date & time" until "time".
To RSVP please call "number" by "date"."


Every one should dress comfortably for this Spa birthday party. Provide pink slippers and robes to each guest. Don't forget to tell guests to wear clothes that won't be ruined if they get stained with lotions, polish remover of foundation.


For this Spa birthday party you want to establish a cosy, relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Decorate the party room with lots of candles (aromatherapy), fragrant flowers( like lilies), stacks of white towels, soft pillows, and lots of magazines to read.

Set up seating areas around tables with lotions (coca butter and peach creams smell beautiful), nail polish (multiple colours), little face towels, nail filers, nail polish remover, face masks, colour pulse hair dye (it's temporary and you can find lots of colours), toe separators, mud masks, eye masks (gel), mini perfumes, tea bags, cotton balls, and lots of make up.

Most of these things you can pick up from the dollar store. Also, have bowls of fresh fruit around the party room and give each girl a mini bottle of water. And don't forget to have some relaxing music playing in the background.

Games & Activities

As mentioned earlier set up seating areas around tables with lotions, nail polish (multiple colours), little face towels, nail filers, nail polish removers, face masks, toe separators, mud masks, etc

Make Spa Recipes
Make your own spa recipes. Teach yourself and then your daughter. At the Spa birthday party let you daughter teach her guests on how to make home spa recipes.

Set up a table for your guests to make one or more beauty products and let your daughter demonstrate step by step how to make the products. The dollar store has lots of pretty glass bottles and jars that are perfect for putting homemade body scrubs, facial masks, etc in.

Manicure and Pedicure
Ask guest to bring their own tools or buy a set for each girl. Have lots of polishes so everyone will have lots to choose from.

Purchase products or make your own. Make facial mask for fat and greasy skin, for dry skin, sensitive skin, ect. Why not treat your guests to a Chocolate Facial!

First cleanse and exfoliate face. Use any liquid facial cleanser mix with a little baking soda to be your scrub, wash face as usual.

Facial Mask:1/2 cup cocoa powder, 4 tablespoons heavy cream, 3 teaspoons cottage cheese, 3 teaspoons ripe avocados, ¼ cup honey, 3 tablespoons oatmeal, powder.

1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.
2. Apply to face.
3. Leave on for ten minutes.
4. When taking off the facial, try patting the face with a warm washcloth to dampen before removing.
5. Apply moisturizer.

Bath Salts & Candles
Make bath salts and candles.

Girly Movie
Finish the party off with a girl movie: The devil wears Prada, Aquamarine, Chasing papi or the classic Pretty Woman.

Food & Drinks

Create an appealing setting for your food keeping it all together on one table, use linen tablecloths and napkins, (don't use plastic and paper).

Think light and yummy!

  • Fresh Fruit: Provide guests with lots of fresh fruit.

  • Cold Sandwiches: Serve cold sandwiches cut into small pieces: chicken, cucumber, tomato, turkey ham, lettuce, etc.

  • Cucumber & Carrot: Serve cucumber and carrot sticks - eat it with dips.

  • Hummus & Satsiki: Serve hummus and satsiki (natural yogurt mixed with cucumber) dips.

  • Lemon or Orange Water: Add slices of lemon or orange to a pitcher along with ice.

  • Funky Punch: Slice some oranges and add some cherries and mix with frozen cranberry juice and soda. Decorate the top of the glasses with sugar (as margaritas).

  • Chocolate Cupcakes: Instead of a cake indulge your guests with luxury cupcakes!

  • Carrot Cake: If you don't fancy chocolate cupcakes, make a carrot cake. Goes well with the theme and is lighter than other cakes.

  • Chocolate

  • Olives, Almond & Nuts

  • Natural Juice

  • Yogurt & Fruit Shakes

    Goody Bags & Favors

    Pick the favors you like best - bath salts, scented lotion, lots of little cheaper nail polish, toe separators, cheap slippers, face masks, nail file, trendy eye shadow, votive candles, chocolate, gel eye masks (the freezer ones), pumice stones, peppermint foot oil, mini tubes of mud masks, body scrub and lip gloss.

    I hope our Spa birthday party ideas will help you in your planning and I hope your daughter will love and enjoy her Spa birthday party.

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