Princess Party Games

These Princess Party Games are lots of fun and will make your daughters party a success.

If you have not had a look at our Princess Birthday Party ideas have a look a those ideas too, there you will find lots of ideas on invitations, decorations, food and much more.

Want to learn how to make a Royal Crown, check out our Birthday Crafts section, there you will find craft ideas for your kids birthday party. Now scroll down and have a look at our Princess games.

Princess Party Games

Princess Make Over
Give the little princesses a mini make over. Have a table set up with lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, blush etc. Put some make up on them and fix their hair. Have a princess box- filled with dresses, tiaras, fake jewellery etc and let the girls transform themselves to little princesses.

Pass the Tiara
This Princess party games is similar to Hot Potato. Invite the girls sit in a circle, give a tiara to a girl, she has to start the game by throwing the tiara to a player of her choice. She then has to close her eyes. The player who is holding the tiara has to pass it as soon as possible to the next player, and that player to the next. When the girl who has her eyes closed shouts out "HOT TIARA", the passing has to stop. The girl holding the tiara is out of the game. The game continues until there is only one player left, the winner.

What Is Princess Missing
Similar to Snatch, place small princess related items on the table, such as- lipstick, wand, silver spoon, jewellery, nail polish, handkerchief etc. The kids have to sit around the table and have a look. Then ask one player to turn around and close his eyes. While his back is turned, tell the kids to remove 1-2 items. The first player has to face the group and guess what is missing, let him guess 2-3 times. Then show him what was snatched, the player who snatched the item now has to turn around, and the game starts again. Continue playing until every one has guessed at least twice.

Princess Puzzler Relay
Divide the girls into 2-3 teams, give each team a puzzle without the picture of the puzzle. The first team that finishes, wins the game.

Pin the Crown on the Princess
This Princess party game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, You could paint a princess picture on cardboard and have the girls "crown" her just like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Princess Relay
Divide the girls into two teams and let them have a princess dress up relay race, to see which team can get a necklace, crown and slippers on fastest. The team who wins should get a small price.

Guess Which Princess I am
Fill a bowl with pictures of different Disney princesses. Then let the children sit in a big circle. The child who starts has to pick a picture from the bowl and then start to give clues to the audience, so they can guess which princess it is. For example If the picture is of Pocahontas, the clues can be: jungle, Indian, black hair etc. The kid who guesses right gets to pick a picture from the bowl and the game starts again.

Princess Dance
This Princess party game is similar to Musical Chairs, but played with Disney music.

Kiss The Frog Prince
Lots, of fun, this Princess party game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blindfold the kids and have them place lips on a frog. The princess who places her kiss closes to the frogs mouth, wins the game, and should get a small present.

Princess Treasure
Divide the princesses in groups, give each group a mini map a let the little princess look for the treasure- small princess related items. Provide them with small pink bags to put their findings.

Princess Face Painting
Paint princess related images such as tiaras, roses, diamonds, hearts etc. Also, use a fine dusting glitter to make every picture sparkle, (craft stores). If the girls don't want any images, you can instead give them a glow make over - Aloe Vera gel and glitter applied with finger tips.

Princess Bouncy Castle
If you really want to spoil your daughter, rent a Disney Bouncy Castle for the day! It's really not so expensive as people may think, and the kids will have so much fun.

Princess Storytelling
Storytelling is specially fun for small children. The best time to tell a story at a party is at the start or at the end of the party. Read a princess story to the little princesses.

Princess Piñata
Finish the party off with a princess piñata. Most kids love this game. Fill your piñata with princess related items and lots of candy.

I hope our Princess party games ideas will keep the kids occupied and happy. And, I hope your little princess will love her Princess party games and party. If you have great Princess party games, don't forget to Party It Forward. Share your ideas with us! We and others will love to hear from you. It's nice when parents contribute in helping other parents like you, to find Free Princess party games.

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