Princess Birthday Party

We have lots of fun and unique Princess birthday party ideas to help you plan your kids next birthday party. Your little princess will be amazed with our cool party ideas.

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Princess Invitations
Dress your little girl up as a princess and take photos of her with your digital camera.

Print the photos on pink cardstock paper. Fold the paper in two, make it look as an invitation. Write the party information inside. Use pink envelopes and seal them with a wax seal and mail them addressed to Princess ____ or Knight ____.

Castle Invitations
To make this Princess birthday party invitations you need to find a nice castle picture from the internet. Print the picture out on cream paper, write the party information below the picture of the castle.

Sprinkle some white or silver glitter, wrap the paper like scrolls and secure them gently with a wax seal. Put the invitations in clear mailing tubes (from eBay) and sprinkled silver glitter in the tubes. Hand deliver the invitations.

Her Royal Highness, Princess "name", of the Kingdom of (your surname), requests the honour of your royal presence at this years best Royal Party for Princesses and Knights.

The party will be held at Castle "your address" at "time and date". RSVP to Queen Mother on "phone number" by "date". Please dress up as your favourite Princess or Knight.


At your daughters Princess birthday party everyone should be dressed as Princesses or Knights. Ask guests to dress up as their favourite Princesses and Knight. Your little princess should have a pretty princess dress, feathers, a crown or a tiara. If she is old enough she can have some make up.


The theme colours for this Princess birthday party are pink, lavender and purple. Hang lots of helium balloons in the princess colours all over the party area. Get a pink princess banner with your daughter's name on it.

Make a princess chair by draping the birthday girl's chair with pink fabric and ribbon. Also, drape pink fabric over furniture. Put bows and ribbons all over the place.

Create a red carpet entrance by putting a long piece of red butcher paper, leading up to the door. Place pink, lavender & purple helium balloons strategically lining the walkway.

Decorate the table with a fancy pink or white table cloth, confetti, and small champagne glasses. Set the table with matching plates, cups etc. For centrepiece place cupcakes (frosted pink) in a heart shape on the middle of the table.

Have a princess tea party CD playing during the party.

Games & Activities

Our Princess birthday party games are so much fun. Have a fairy tale come true at your kids Princess birthday party.

Princess Fairy Tale...
Upon arrival escort all the girls to a princess make-over table,where they will get a mini make over. Have someone help you giving the girls a mini make over - give the little princesses small amounts of lipstick, blush, eye shadow and glitter.

Hopefully, all the girls are dressed as princesses, but provide them with extra glam - feathers, fake jewellery, crowns or tiaras. When everyone is done take a picture of all the princesses (use this as a thank you card later).

Now the little princesses can start playing Princess Games. We have a whole section dedicated to princess games, so please click away and have a look at our fun princess games.


Have a princess craft table ready for the girl's to make there crafts, pick one or two of the suggestions below. Also, if you want more craft ideas check out our Birthday Crafts section.

Princess Tiara or Crown
Let the girls make their own tiaras, this will keep the little princesses entertained. Provide the girls with all the craft supply they may need and help them cut out the tiaras. Go to Birthday Crafts to get a Crown Template.

Princess Frame
Let the girls decorate craft foam picture frames (craft store) with stick on jewels, glitter glue etc. Tell the girls they will be giving the frames later during the week. Use this frames to put the group princess picture on it. The picture you took of the girls after they had there mini make over.

Princess Fun
Make some pink dough beforehand. At the party provide each girl with there ball of dough. Using princess cookie cutters, let the girls cut out high heels, purses, dresses etc.

Also, provide them with pink, purple, and white icing. Let them sprinkle metallic balls on some of their creations. At the end of the party give each girl a white plastic bag with there cookies to take home.

Food & Drinks

I believe that finger foods are the best food option for all birthdays. Pick some of our yummy suggestions below for your kids Princess birthday party.
  • Princess Sandwiches: Make princess cheese sandwiches with princess cookie cutters.

  • Princess Scones: Scones with, peanut butter and jelly or with butter and berry preserves.

  • Princess Bagels: Bagels with strawberry jam and cream cheese or with ham and turkey or with cucumber and cream cheese.

  • Chips

  • Strawberry Ice Cream & Fruit Salad

  • Princess Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

  • Princess Cupcakes: Get some princess clipart and glue it onto toothpicks, let it dry. Afterwards, stick the princess on the top of each cupcake.

  • Princess Cookies: Cookies frosted in pink.

  • Choclate & Strawberry Milk

  • Princess Punch: Make a yummy punch - raspberry ginger ale.

  • Prince Drink: Pink juice.


Princess Castle CakePINK CASTLE CAKE  $100
To make this Princess birthday party cake you will need to make two round cakes, one bigger than the other, 1 Swiss roll cut in 4 pieces- the towers, 4 ice-cream sugar cones, and lots of pink, white and blue icing.

Make 2 round cakes, one less bigger than the other cake. When the cakes are done let the cakes cool and remove the cakes from the bowl.

Start buy cutting the round cakes in the middle twice. Fill it with chocolate cream inside or vanilla and strawberry cream. Put the round cakes in the fridge for 1-3 hours.

Take the cakes out of the fridge and place the smaller cake on top of the larger cake, gently. On top of the smaller cake place the 4 Swiss rolls, next to each other. Place one ice cream sugar cone on top of each Swiss roll, to look like towers. Now the cake is assembled and has to be frosted.

There are 3 main colours you will use: pink, white and light blue. First frost the whole cake white, frost the Swiss rolls white and the ice cream cones pink. Frost the bigger and smaller cake very elaborate using a decorating tube to make pink and blue hearts, pink gems, blue lace etc. Make it look like a round castle. Viola, you have a beautiful princess castle cake.

Goody Bags

Make your own goody bags with pink tulle fabric. Cut squares out of the fabric, place the party favors in the centre of the square. Gather up the edges and tie with a satin bow. You can also buy cheap satin bags in the dollar store.

Fill the party bags with a lip gloss, heart stickers, red and pink candy, a necklace, stick-on jewels, stickers, a ring, pink and purple markers, pink hair bows, satin bows, a glitter nail polish, chocolate coins and bubbles.

Thank You Note

Picture Princess Frame
Use the picture you took of all the princesses together at the start of the party. Place that picture in the frames the girls made at the party. Put names on their crafts and deliver the frames and a small thank you note, saying something like "Thanks You for Coming to My Princess Birthday Party". Deliver the frames later that week.

I hope your have enjoyed reading our Princess birthday party ideas and I hope your little princess will enjoy her Princess birthday party.

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