Pirate Party Games

With our pirate party games your guests will be busy playing around and feeling like true pirates.

If you are planning a Pirate birthday party have a look at our theme ideas too.

There you will find lots of ideas on invitations, decorations, crafts, food ideas and more.

Pirate Party Games

Treasure Hunt
Beforehand make personalized treasure maps for each kid that leads to a small treasure. Don't make it to easy, kids love the thrill of looking, guessing and playing around. Hide different clues leading to the treasure. Use your imagination to make these maps.

Captains Hat
This pirate party game is similar to Hot Potato. Invite the kids to sit in a circle. Give them a captain's hat, the children have to pass the captain's hat as soon as possible to another kid while pirate music is playing in the background. Stop the music, who ever is holding the hat is out of the game. Play until there is only one player left and have a small price ready for the winner.

Walk the Plank
Take a long thick board and put it across a swimming pool or above a small kiddie pool and invite the kids to walk across the board. If the kids are older blindfold them before they walk the plank. When the kids get to the end of the plank they all get a small prize. Let the kids walk across the board at least twice.

Treasure Toss
Invite the kids to play treasure toss. The kids have to toss a bean bag into an empty chest. Make or buy at least 6 bean bags. The children have to take turns tossing the bean bags into the chest from the same standing point.

Looking for Gold
Beforehand hide plastic coins into a sandbox. At party time the little pirates have to find as much gold as possible. The kid who finds the most coins wins the game. Provide the kids with small spades.

Sword Fight
Kids love to play and at a pirate birthday party they want to feel like real pirates and play with their swords. Let the kids play around with their swords and then let them vote for the best "pirate fighter". When playing the kids will soon realize which kid is better at playing pirates. He will get a small prize. You should mention that it is not allowed to hit a persons body parts, the pirates who do this will not be allowed to play the game.

Parrot Piñata
Finish the party of with a parrot piñata. Piñatas are lost of fun and kids love them.

I hope our party games will keep the little pirates busy and happy! If you have great pirate party games SHARE them with us. We and other parents around the world would love to hear from you.

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