Party Planning Guide


When do I start? 3-4 weeks before!

A party planning guide and planning is the key to successful birthday parties, because they don't happen by magic. It is important to remember that any child's birthday, after the first one, is not for you, but for her.

Engaged you child in the planning, ask her what she wants! The party must be fun for her and her friends.

Keeping it manageable, yet flexible, is the secret of success!

Party Countdown Planner

3-4 weeks before!

1. Budget

Even the simplest party cost money. You should spend what you can afford, the more you create from scratch, the less you have to spend!

2. Theme

To decide upon a theme is very important, you need to decide upon a theme, to know how the invitations, cake, banners, activities... are going to be! If your daughter is big enough let her pick a theme.

3. Indoor or outdoor?

Are you going to have a carnival party or a fairy party. Some parties are better made outdoors and some better indoors. Depending on the theme and budget, decide were the party is going to be!

If you have an outdoor party, maybe you need to consider where you can have the party, (restaurant, venue... etc) and book it.

4. Date & Hours

Plan the party when it is convenient for you, weekends are best, if you want help from friends. Also most kids will be free. Aim for the time that is best for you, late morning or afternoon.

5. Guest List

Ask you daughter who she wants to invite, (not who you want to invite), and add family and friends to the guest list!

6. Entertainers?

Do you need to hire entertainers like clowns, pony rides etc.

7. Invitations, decorations, favors, prizes, paper supplies, games, activities, costumes...

Depending on your budget, decide if you are going to make or buy invitations, decorations, favors, prizes (if any), costumes, paper supplies, supplies for activities.

What do you need to make or buy for the games/activities?

The more you do from scratch the more you will save. We have lots of ideas on how to make your own invitations, decorations, prizes... look at our general themes or character themes section for ideas on this.

If you are going to try to make most of it, make a shopping list. What do you need to make invitations, decorations, favors etc, and go shopping!

8. Supplies?

If your budget allows you to, buy invitations, decorations, party bags etc and pick a supplier who can offer you good prices. Do research!

2 weeks before!

9. Send out the invitations

1 week before!

10. Who is coming?

Check who's replied and chase up any you've not heard from.

11. Food, drinks and cake!

Decide on what is going to be served at the party and go shopping! If you are going to order a cake, order it. If not, start preparing the cake!

Days before!

12. Games, music, camera and video recorder!

Learn the games which are going to be played, see if you have enough music, and a working CD or cassette player. Do you need a video recorder, do you have batteries???

1 Day before!

13. Food Preparations

Make the food preparations which can be made before hand! Try to make most of the preparations before hand, so the day of the party will run easier.

14. Make all the decorations needed!

On the day!

You only need to prepare the food!

Be flexible and adapt to what the birthday girl and her friends want to do, you don't have to follow all our steps in our party planning guide.

I hope our party planning guide will help you plan a perfect party.



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