Kids Party Games
Cowboy Party Games

With our kids party games - Cowboy party games your kids will be happy and busy.

If you have not looked at our Cowboy birthday ideas, have a look at them too.

There you will find lots of cool ideas on invitations, decorations, crafts, favors, food ideas and much more. Lets start planning.

Kids party games
Cowboy party games

Horse Lasso Game
Beforehand print out horse pictures from the internet. Put each picture on a 2-liter bottle. Invite the kids to throw rings on the bottles (rings like you use in a pool). The kid who does this the best should get a small prize.

Looking for Gold
Beforehand hide pennies in a small plastic pool with sand. Use aluminium pie tins with holes punched in them as the pans. The kid who finds most coins in 1 minute wins the game and gets a small prize.

Cowgirl Six Shooter
Beforehand buy small cheap play guns. The guns that shoot out little rubber things. Put your kids stuffed animal a distance from the kids. The kids have to try to shoot at the stuffed animal and knock them down.

Pin The Badge on the Sheriff
This cowboy party game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out a big picture of your daughter with her cowboy hat. Print out sheriff badges from the internet and cut them out and put sticky tape on the back. Invite the kids to pin the badge on your daughters picture and don't forget to cover the girls eyes with a bandana.

Rattlesnake Pass
This cowboy party game is similar to Hot Potato. Invite the kids to sit in a small circle and give the kids a fake rattlesnake. The kids have to pass the snake around as fast as possible while cowboy music is playing in the background. Stop the music - whoever is holding the rattlesnake is out of the game. Play until there is one player left the winner.

Rope Tying Contest
A rope tying contest is a must in any cowboy birthday party. Have a rope tying contest with liquorice or real ropes.

Cowgirl - Cowboy Time
Just let the kids play around with their play guns, so they can feel like real cowgirls and cowboys. One of the kids can play a bandit and the other kids have to try to find him. Have an adult watch over them while they play with their guns.

Boot Toss
You will need large cowboy boots and bean bags to play this game. At party time the kids will have to try to toss the bean bags into the boots. You can also use a cowboy hat if you don't have cowboy boots.

Cowgirl Hat Piñata
Finish the party of with a cowgirl hat piñata. Fill the piñata with small toys and lots of candy.

I hope our cowboy party games will keep the little cowgirls and cowboys busy and happy! If you have great kids party games SHARE them with us. We and other parents around the world would love to hear from you.

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