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We have lot's of fun Halloween Party Games For Kids. Pick the games which fit best the age group of your kid.

Below are some fun Halloween games for kids. Also, have a look at our Halloween Party Ideas and Halloween Crafts there you will find lots of good ideas.

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Halloween Party Games For Kids

  • How Many?: This is a good game at the start of the party. Fill two jars with candy corns and Halloween m&ms. As guests arrive ask them to guess how many candy corns and Halloween m&ms there is in each jar. The person who guesses right or closest to the right number, wins the game and should get a prize.

  • Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin: Similar to Pin the noise on the Donkey. Cut a big pumping shape out of orange poster board. Use black paper to make the eyes, the mouth and lots of noses (draw), then cut the parts out and glue the eyes and the mouth in place. Then let the kids pin the nose on the pumpkin.

  • Draw In The Dark: Give the kids a piece of paper and a pencil, let them draw a simple design (such as a star or a heart). Then take the kids into a dark room and make them draw the same design they drawn earlier, is there a big difference?

  • Pumking Relay: Divide the kids into two teams, make two lines (mark the starting line and the turn around line). The first kid in each team have to roll a pumpkin from the starting line back to the turn around line and back to it's team members. Then the next team-mate in line repeats the same procedure. The fastest team wins.

  • Mummy Wrap: Divide the kids into two teams, pick a mummy volunteer from each team. The team that wraps it's mummy up fastest and in the best way, wins. Make sure you have lots of toilet paper. This game is lots of fun and the kids love it.

  • Pumpkin Toss: Cut a large Pumpkin Face out of orange poster board. Paint eyes, nose etc. Cut a round hole for a mouth. Glue the pumpkin face to the side of a box. Cut out the mouth from the box. Let the kids take turns tossing beanbags through the mouth.

  • Halloween Costume Contest: Have a costume contest, it's fun and the kids love it. Be sure to have a price for the winner.

  • Pumpkin Passing Relay: Everyone stands in a circle. The first person is given a small pumpkin, (if you cant find a small pumpkin use a orange) to place under her chin. She must pass the pumpkin to the next player next to her, neither may use their hands. If the pumpkin drops, the kid or kids who made the pumpkin fall are out of the game. The player left standing is the winner and should get a prize.

  • Halloween Piñata: Piñatas are lots of fun and kids love them. Have a witch or pumpkin piñata, or what ever your kid fancies. Fill the piñata with lots of yummy candy and Halloween related items.

Hope you enjoyed reading our Halloween party games for kids and I hope you kid will love and enjoy their Halloween party games - Happy Halloween!

If you know of any good games you would like to share with us and other parents, please feel free to Party It Forward. We and others will love to hear from you. It's nice when parents around the world contribute in helping other parents like you, to find FREE Halloween games & activities.

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