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Girls 1st Birthday Party


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We have fun First Birthday Party Ideas to make your girls 1st birthday party a success. First birthdays are really special for all parents, you feel you have to do something extra.

After all, it's the first birthday. But what you should remind yourself is that your angel is not aware of the party. The party is really for you and the family!

Your daughter is to small to know what is happening, it's you who will be opening the presents, blowing out the candles, and it's you who will welcome the guests.

When picking a theme for your daughters party it is important to remember what she likes or what you think she likes! Does she like music, does she likes dolls, what does she like?

The best thing to do, is to plan a very short party. At that age your princess is more interested in playing with the wrapping paper than the presents.

Below are some girls 1st birthday themes, pick the one you fancy the most! If the theme you're looking for doesnt appear on this page, try searching The First Birthday Party Ideas Website where you'll find lots of other 1st birthday themes!


           Girls 1st Party        Teddy Bear Party                RainbowParty

   Minnie Mouse Party



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