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Hollywood Birthday Party

Why not throw a Hollywood Dress up party for your daughters birthday.Make her feel like a true Hollywood star and let her walk on the red carpet. Lets start planning.

"Cool Dress Up Party Ideas!"


Red Carpet Invitations
Make 2 sided cards, with the front cover with red velvet in the middle of the invite - to look like a red carpet and some reporters and photographers on the sides.

Start by finding some nice pictures of photographers or cameras from the internet, copy them and save them to a file. Edit the invite so the photographers are on the sides of the invite, when done, print it out.

Next, glue a long piece of red velvet to the middle of the invite, so it looks like a red carpet. On the other side of the invite write all the party information.

"Name", you are a star!
Please come and walk the red carpet with us.
Date:___, Time:___, Address:___, RSVP to "phone nr by date".
Come dressed as your favourite star.

If you are having a Talent show include that information on the invite. Tell guests that it is a talent show and that they will be responsible for doing an act. Also tell them to be prepared for a red carpet interview.

Hollywood Hills Invitations
To make this Hollywood birthday party invitation you must first search the internet for a picture of the Hollywood Hill sign. Print the invitations on 8x10 invitation paper with the actual Hollywood sign and mountain on the background.

Add white glitter glue to the sign and green glitter glue to the mountain, so the Hollywood hill sign and mountain are shining. On the other side of the invite write all the party information and don't forget to mention that it is a dress up party.

Hollywood Diva Invitations
To make this Hollywood dress up party invitation you need to dress up your daughter in a floor length dress and heels - to look like a movie star and take a picture of her.

Place that picture in the middle of the invite and above the picture write something like "Starring "name of birthday girl" and on the other side of the invite write all the party information.

"Name" is celebrating her 8th Birthday.
Join us for the glamour and fun only "A star's" can enjoy!
At the Premier of "birthday child's name", A new Hollywood Movie!
Produced and directed by "mom's name".
This is the party of the year!
Date:___, Time:___, Address:___, RSVP to "phone nr by date".
Come dressed as your favourite star.


It's obvious that for this dress up party your daughter should dress up as her favourite movie star or singer. Make her look like a true star with a bit of make up and put glitter on her hair and arms. Dress your son or husband up in a tux and give him a microphone to conducted red carpet interviews.


The Hollywood dress up party has to look like a real Hollywood Movie Premier. You need to have a red carpet for the kids to walk on as they arrive to the party. Have friends or siblings dress up as photographers and let them ask the children questions as they walk in to the party area.

When the kids arrive to the door have a sign posted saying "Starring "name"" with a picture of your daughter. Decorate the party area with lots of gold and silver stars hanging everywhere, have silver star balloons fill the corners. Put fake security cameras in different places.

Contact the movie rental store and ask them to give you old movie posters to decorate the party area with. Or create movie posters using different pictures of your daughter, as you would see at the theatres.

With an overhead machine you can blow up pictures and draw them onto butcher paper and coloured them. When done hang the pictures (a popcorns machine, movie reels, Hollywood sign) around the party room. Or why not have a real popcorn machine.

Use white table covers and decorate the tables with lots of gold confetti stars. Use fancy plates, champagne glasses, etc. It has to look glamour's. Have a huge popcorn box as centrepieces. Make this box out of rectangle styrofoam and paint white and red stripes and glued real popcorn to the top of the box.

Games & Activities

The party theme is - a Hollywood red carpet movie realise, a dress up party. So through out the party you and all the guests have to act as this is what is happening. The game already starts as guests arrive to the party.

Have older siblings dressed up as the media, with microphones and cameras. The photographers have to be waiting on the red carpet for the stars. As guests arrive to the Hollywood dress up party the "media" has to ask questions to the stars - what they are wearing, who is the designer, why they choose to wear that outfit, ask about their resent split ups, movies, albums, etc.

When all guests have arrived, it's time to watch the "Premier of ____ Home Movie". Have great speakers hooked up to give a real movie feeling.

Create a home movie called ""Name" Life" - Anna's Life, starring the birthday girl. Create different scenes and add comments to the different scenes. For example film the birthday girl in the bathroom with her bathrobe and with her hair wrapped in a towel with a mud mask saying, "Ohh I need more botox, have to call my doctor. She then starts to wash her face.

Other scenes can be her laying in the sofa holding a champagne glass and sipping her drink and saying "My life is a dream come true", while funky music is playing in the background.

Another scene can be her all dressed up and walking in the street with her bodyguard as a "Fan" comes running up and says "Can I have your autograph" and the bodyguard says "don't come to close" to the fan as the star signs autographs.

You have to create at least 14 scenes so the kids have something to watch. Make it fun and hilarious, be creative. Your daughter will love to play a super star.

Don't forget to include the stars name, the producers name and the co producers name at the end of the film while music is playing and with "THE END" at the end. Take several takes so the movie looks professional and make lots of editing. I promise it's all worth the efforts!

At the end of the movie give the birthday girl a Oscar. You can buy a personalized trophy with her name saying "Best Actress". When that is done it's time for interviews. Have a sibling dress up as the interviewer. He has to interview the Oscar winner and all the other guests one by one.

When done with the interviews the kids can play some of the following Hollywood Red Carpet - Dress up party games below.

Star Charades
Beforehand write the name of a popular movie star or movie character in a small piece of paper, fold the paper and put it in a jar. At party time the first kid to go has to take a piece of paper from the jar and act it out. The kid who guesses right, is the next kid to act.

Academy Dress Up Party Awards
Invite the kids to vote for their own Academy Awards. These are the categories: best actress/actor, best comic actress/actor, best dressed, best costume, best Hollywood smile, Overall star quality, etc.

Acts Show
Invite all the kids to act, they can sing, act, play an instrument, etc. Inform the kids in the invites that they will have to act, so they have time to plan something. Have small prices for each kid after they finished their act.

Final Show
Have someone videotape the children as they arrive to the party and walk through the red carpet and when the kids have their interviews. At the end of the party let them watch the video before they leave.

Craft Ideas
Invite the kids to make jewellery or to make and decorate paper bow ties. Have a look at our Birthday Craft Ideas.

Food & Drinks

The best thing for this Hollywood dress up party is to serve finger foots. It's more posh and less messy. Pick the food & drinks ideas you fancy the most.

  • Pizza: Serve pizza cut into small pieces with toothpicks.

  • Suchi: Have a big tray full of different kind of sushi.

  • Small Sandwiches: Fill the small sandwiches with turkey and soft cheese or other fillings you like and cut into fancy shapes.

  • Mini Croissants: Fill the mini croissant with ham & soft cheese.

  • Hors D'oeuvres: Made out of cheese cubes, fruit, pieces of meat stuck with toothpicks.

  • Fruit Salad with Ice Cream
  • Star Shaped Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Chips
  • Yummy Dips

    Serve all the drinks in plastic or real champagne glasses.

  • Punch
  • Soda
  • Water


Popcorn Cake
Popcorn Box CakeMake 2 sheet cakes and cut them into squares and put the squares on top of each other. Shape the cake to look like a popcorn box.

Fill the cake with chocolate and vanilla filling between the layers. Ice the cake to look like a real popcorn box even topped with real popcorn at the top to look like as it is coming out of the box.

Goody Bags & Favors

Use popcorn bags for goodie bags and fill them with candy, star sunglasses, microwave popcorn, autograph books, fancy pens, candy jewellery and a movie ticket or a blockbuster movie rental card.

- Hollywood Dress Up Party Ideas -

I hope our Hollywood dress up party ideas will help you plan a great party and if you have great Dress up party ideas don't forget to SHARE them with us. We would love to receive Dress up party ideas which were a great hit. This will improve this site, but also help other parents like you to find more Free birthday party ideas.

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