Dora Birthday Party

A Dora birthday party is an exciting theme for a young girl who loves everything about Dora the Explorer.

"Wan´t a Cool Dora Birthday Party?"

Let's start an amazing adventure with these Dora the Explorer party ideas.


Either pre-order Dora invitations or make your own. Look at our Dora birthday party invitation idea below.

Make Dora map invitations- Dora style. Draw a Dora style map to your home using cards stock paper. Write all the party information on the map. On the other side of the paper glue pictures of Dora the Explorer and her friends.

On top of the Dora images write "Join us for an amazing Dora the Explorer adventure!". Roll the invitation paper, like a scroll and secure it with a raffia bow. Put the invitations in clear mailing tubes (from eBay) and mail them or hand deliver them.


All the children should be dressed up as Dora. Either write this on the invitations or when guests arrive, provide them with scarves, vests, coloured hats, etc. Dora likes to dress up and play, so this Dora birthday party should not be different.


Decorate the Dora birthday party area with lots of balloons in the theme colours, orange, pink and purple. You might also want to have balloons with Dora the Explorer on them. Put Dora toys all over the party area. Hang several Dora the Explorer posters and jungle theme pictures on the walls.

Create a "Jungle Forest" area, with lots of green streamers hanging from the ceiling. Cut out big and small leaves out of green paper. Put this leaves all over the "Jungle Forest" area.

Decorate your table with Dora table cover, cups, plates etc. For centrepiece put a Dora Piñata.


Dora Binoculars
Invite the kids to make Dora the Explorer binoculars. Ask them to tape together two empty toilet paper rolls to make a Dora binocular. Next, let them decorate their binoculars with markers, glitter glue, Dora the Explorer stickers, etc.

Dora Friendship Bracelets
All the kids have to make a bracelet for someone else at the party. Give the kids strings and beads. When done they have to give the bracelet they made to a friend at the party.

Games & Activities

We have lots of fun ideas on games & activities for your Dora birthday party.

Dora Clipart
As guests arrive to the party and wait for other kids to arrive- let them colour some Dora the Explorer clipart with crayons. This is a fun activity especially for younger children.

Dora Treasure Hunt
Give each child a treasure map and let them search for a small prize hidden in the party area or outside the house. If the children are very young, help them understand their treasure map.

Dora Puzzler
Before the party, print out Dora pictures from the internet. Glue the pictures onto construction paper. Cut the picture into 3, 4 puzzle pieces. Hide the pieces around the party area. The mission is to find one puzzle piece and then find the other player with the matching pieces. The kids who get a puzzle together the fastest wins.

What's in Mochilla "Backpack"?
Before the party fill a purple backpack with small Dora the Explorer related items. Let the kids sit in a circle. Tell them to pass the backpack around one child at a time. The kids have to feel the objects and try to guess what it is. If they guess right they get that object as a price. Have enough objects so that everyone gets one prize at least.

Dora Obstacle Course
Make a Dora the Explorer obstacle course with furniture, cardboard boxes, etc. Let the kids go one by one through the obstacle course.

Dora Musical Chairs
Similar to musical chairs, but played with Dora music (you can get this at Amazon) in the background.

Dora Piñata
End the party with a Dora piñata. Fill the Dora piñata with small toys and treats. Lots of fun and the kids will love it.

Food & Drinks

You don't have to pick all of our suggestions below, just pick the food ideas you like the most for your Dora birthday party.
  • Cheese Quesadillas

  • Dora Empanadas

  • Nachos

  • Burritos

  • Tortilla Chips

  • Ice Cream

  • Jungle Soda

  • Dora Punch: Pineapple punch

  • Jungle Milkshake: Mix in a mixer 2 bananas, one apple and some vanilla ice-cream.


Bake a sheet cake. When done let it cool. Fill the cake with chocolate cream and vanilla cream (or other filling you like). Put the cake in the fridge for at least 5 hours. Frost the cake 2/3 blue- the sky and 1/3 green- the grass. Put the cake in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Cut out a picture of Dora from a clipart, paper plate, etc. Place the picture on top of the frosted cake. Trace the outline of Dora's body with a toothpick.

When done remove the picture from the cake. Using cake writing gel, trace Dora's face outlines, etc. Use the picture of Dora for guidance when applying colour gel to Dora's hair, eyes, skin, etc.

Voila, you have a nice looking Dora cake for your kids Dora birthday party. Don't forget to sing "Feliz Cumpleanos" to the birthday child (that's Happy Birthday in Spanish).

Goody Bags

Fill the Dora Goody Bags with small Dora the Explorer related items, such as binoculars, compasses, Dora stickers, etc. To make the actual Dora party bag- buy lunch bags in the Dora colours: orange, pink and purple. Put Dora stickers on the lunch bags. Voila, you will have cute Dora goody bags.

I hope our Dora the Explorer party ideas will help you in your planning. Have a happy and perr-fect Dora birthday party. Also, please come back and Sumbit pictures of the Dora birthday cake!

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