Cowboy Birthday Party

Howdy partner! Is there a Cowboy birthday party in town!

If your kid likes Wild Wild West movies or loves horses then you should throw her a Cowgirl theme birthday party.

We have lots of ideas on invitations, decorations, party games, food ideas and more. Lets star planning...


Cowgirl Invitations
Take a picture of your daughter with her cowboy outfit. Print it out on invitation paper.

On the front of the invite write "Howdy Partner! ____ is turning 6!" And under the text put the picture of your daughter with her cowboy outfit.

Inside the invite write "Wild Bill, no-good, double crosser has stolen all our goody bags! We have to get them back!" Then include the rest of the party information - Date___, Time___, Address___, RSVP___.

Wanted Invitations
To make this cowboy birthday party invitation you need to make a wanted poster invitation with your kids photo and name on it - write "WANTED! Do you know this outlaw? Then you must come to our Cowgirl Party! Date___, Time___, Address___, RSVP___".


The cowboy birthday party has to look like a Wild Wild West scene. Decorate the party area with streamers, western stencils, bandanas, ropes, horseshoes and saddles.

You can also decorate the party area with paper that looks like a barn. Also, make large cactus plants from green posterboard and put them all over the party. Make a sign for the front door saying something like "Welcome to the ____ Ranch".

Don't forget to decorate your yard if you have one. Make your yard look like a barn with cardboard animals - sheep, chickens, pigs, a horse and a cow. Also, place a saddle over a bail of hay.

Put up wanted posters with pictures of your guests and the birthday child or wanted posters of Wild Bill (pictures of the guys of the party) holding goody bags and wearing a cowboy hat and bandana.

Use a red and white checked tablecloth and plates, cups with cowgirls and cowboys on them or pie tins for plates, small red cups, red napkins, and white utensils. Decorate the table with small cowboys and Indians sitting around. Make a centrepiece with a balloon bouquet attached to a toy horse and don't forget to have western music playing in the background.


For this cowboy birthday party your princess should be dressed up as a cowgirl - she needs a cowboy hat, a bandana and a vest.

Also ask guests to dress up as cowgirls and cowboys. Or transform them into cowgirls and cowboys as they arrive to the cowboy birthday party. Provide them with cowboy hats, bandanas and sheriff's badges.


Western Colouring
Have a table set up with crayons, markers, glitter and pictures of pigs, horses, cows, cowboy hats, etc. Invite the kids to colour pictures while they wait for other guests to arrive.

Picture Frame
Invite the kids to decorate a picture frame. You can buy them at craft stores. Buy stamper with boots, horses, etc and let the girls stamp their frames. Take lots of pictures of the guests, when the kids are done with the frames put a picture of the corresponding guest inside the frame (can only be done if you take Polaroid pictures or if you have a digital camera and a computer and printer).

Cowboy Vests
Invite the kids to make cowboy vest. You'll need brown paper grocery bags, markers, stickers, stamps and paper badges. First show the kids how to make them. Start by cutting one side of the bag down the middle to make the vest opening. Cut the bottom enough so it fits the kid comfortably and around the neck and shoulders. Let the kids decorate their vests with markers, stickers, stamps, and paper badges.

Games & Activities

We have a hole page just dedicated to Cowboy party games such as Horse Lasso Game, Looking for Gold, Cowgirl Six Shooter, Pin The Badge on the Sheriff, Rope Tying Contest, Rattlesnake Pass…

Food & Drinks

Pick the cowboy birthday party food ideas you fancy the most!
  • Star Cookies: Make star cookies and decorate them to look like Sheriff badges.

  • Cowboy Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with "new" small plastic cowboy figures.

  • Fried Chicken
  • Hot Dogs
  • Baked Beans
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Cornbread
  • Ice cream & Cookies
  • Chips
  • Punch
  • Soda
  • Pepsi


Boot CakeBoot Cake
Make a sheet cake and cut out a boot shape. Print out a boot picture from the internet (cut out the shape) and put it on top of the sheet cake and cut out the boot shape.

Decorate the boot as you whish. You can use the boot cake picture as guideline.

Cowboy Cake
To make this cowboy birthday party cake you first need to make a sheet cake. Frost the cake as you whish and add plastic cowboy and horse figures.

Goody Bags & Favors

To make cool but inexpensive goody bags you need to get brown lunch bags stamped with cowboy boots and horses on them or fill cowboy bandanas with the favors and tie all four corners together.

Fill the goody bags with plastic horses, sheriff badges, chocolate gold coins, harmonicas, western stickers, liquorice ropes and rubber snakes.

I hope our cowboy birthday party will help you in your planning and I hope your little cowgirl will love and enjoy her cowgirl birthday party. If you have great cowboy birthday party ideas SHARE them with us. We and other parents around the world would love to hear from you.

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