Cinderella Birthday Party

"Wan´t Cinderella Birthday Party ideas, your princess will love?"

We have lots of fun and cool Cinderella Birthday Party ideas to make your Cinderella Party a success. Have a fairy tale come true at your kids birthday party.

This birthday theme is so much fun. Divide the guests into two groups. The Cinderella's and the Fairy Godmothers. The best thing is to let the older girls be Fairy Godmother's and the younger girls Cinderella's.

So that the older can help the younger. Now scroll down and check out our fun Cinderella birthday party ideas.


Check out or fun Cinderella birthday party ideas for invitations below.

Cinderella Crown Invitations
To make this Cinderella birthday party invitation, trace the shape of a crown onto gold cardstock paper, cut it out. Fold black or pink cardstock paper (fold in half) so it looks like an invitation. Glue the gold crown on top of the black or pink invitation paper. Inside the invitation write the party information. Sprinkle some white or gold glitter to the invitation and envelope.

Cinderella Scroll Invitations
Using your computer print the invitations in "Edwardian Script ITC" font. Print the invitations out in gold paper. Burn the paper edges to give an old look. Roll the invitation paper, like a scroll and tie the paper with a small silver ribbon. Put the invitations in clear mailing tubes (from eBay) sprinkle gold glitter and put in a few pink & white gems in the tubes, so Cinderella like. This invitations have to be hand delivered.

When it comes to wording there should be two kinds of wording. One for the Cinderella's and one for the Fairy Godmothers.

Cinderella Wording:
By order of the King and Queen: Princess ______ is cordially invited to the "name of the birthday child" Castle for a Royal Ball. The Ball will begin at "time" and "date".Please RSVP to the "name" Queen Mother at "phone number" by "date". Please come dressed in rags, but bring a Cinderella dress, we have servants who will help you transform into a princess befitting of this royal event.

Fairy Godmother Wording:
There will be a Royal Ball to celebrate the 8th birthday of Princess Anna. By order of the King and Queen: "name" has to assist Cinderella "name of the Cinderella" and "name of the Cinderella" with crafts, hair, make up, nails and games. You have to be at the Castle no later than "time" and "date".Please RSVP to "name", Head of Fairy Godmothers at "phone number" by "date". Please come dressed in rags, but bring a Cinderella dress, and maybe you will be transformed into a Cinderella.


You should write in the Cinderella birthday party invitations that everyone should bring their own Cinderella dress. Your little princes should also have a Cinderella dress and a Cinderella Crown.

The day of the party everyone will be transformed into beautiful little Cinderella's.


Look at our Cinderella birthday party ideas for decorations below.

Fill your house with white, silver and light pink helium filled balloons (with the string hanging down). Also, hang lots of lavender and pink streamers.

You have to make the party room look like a castle. Buy cheap silver and pink fabric. Try to drape the windows with that. Also, at the entrance make and A shape looking entrance with the fabric. It has to look as it's a Ball.

Create a red carpet entrance, make your own with a long piece of red butcher paper, leading up to the door. The kids will get really excited to walk on the red carpet!

Purchase Disney Princess cardboard stand-ups to place on each table or around the yard. Or make your own by coping your favourite Cinderella pictures into cardboard. Use an overhead projector to draw them very large (copy a picture out of a book onto an overhead transparency).

Cut and paint 2-6 other large Cinderella cardboards using this technique. Shaded the cardboard in detail and place the Cinderella's around the yard with wooden stakes, or in the party room. Add extra fun to the Cinderella cardboards by adding some text to them -"Welcome to the Royal Ball!  Princess Anna's Magical Ball".

For extra GLAM, If you have a big back yard, but lots of Cinderella Cardboards, with funny texts. Put up a tent for the guests to eat in. Add special fun to the party by renting a huge Disney Princess Bouncy Castle for the day! The kids will love the bouncy castle! 

Decorate the tables with pink table clothes, gems, sprinkled glitter, real champagne glasses, hearts and confetti, glass slippers and Cinderella plates and pink straws. For centrepiece, put a vase with fresh pink flowers on the table.

Also, don't forget to decorate your daughters chair like a thrown, cover the chair with pink fabric, balloons and steamers.

Games & Activities

Our games and activities for a Cinderella birthday party are so much fun. Have a fairy tale come true at your kids Cinderella birthday party.

Let the girls play Cinderella and Godmothers- The Cinderella Story. Follow our story plot and between the "story" let the girls play Cinderella games.

While guests wait for others to arrive, let the girls colour some Cinderella clipart. When every one is at the party let the Cinderella party start...

Cinderella Story
The godmothers have to help their Cinderella's with everything hi...hi...

Have lots of small tables set out for the girls as they arrive - Hair Station: with lots of decorations for the hair and tiaras for the little Cinderella's. A Nail Station: with lots of nail polish. Have lots of colours and glitter polish ready for the girls. A Make Over Station: have some blush and eye make up ready, and some costume jewellery.

The godmothers have to help their Cinderella's, do their hair, nails, and make up. Lots of fun, once every one is ready, let the girls change into their Cinderella dresses.

All the time the godmothers have to help the little Cinderella's with everything, the godmother can fix their own hair, nails etc, (as they are older), but also because they are godmothers. The older girls will love this and the Cinderella's will love being fussed over.

Let the "Daddy" of the house dress up in a king outfit and let him sit on his throne. Each girl has to be introduced to him. Introduce each guest to the King -"Your majesty, may I present Princess..." then the little girls has to courtesy before the king and then the King has to ask her which part of the kingdom she comes from, and show her were to seat.

After all the girls are seated, it's time for some crafts. Let all the girls decorate there own crown with stickers, glitter glue, crayons and stick on jewellery. The godmothers have to help the younger ones. Or let the girls make some jewellery together. You will need pink, blue and white sparkly beads and necklace thread.

When the girls are finished with their crafts it's time for food and when that is done more games. Pick some of our Cinderella birthday party games below.

Missing Slipper
Divide the girls into teams. Each team has to find the matching glass slipper (toy stores), hidden in the house, give them glues.

Missing Treasure
Divide the girls into teams. Each team has to find their treasure. Give the girls clues. Hide small Cinderella related items around the party area.

Pin the Crown on The Cinderella
Cinderella birthday party game similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Let the girls pin the crown on the Cinderella. Beforehand cut out lots of small crowns out of gold paper. Each guest should have a crown with their name on (so there is no confusion later over who is the winner). Don't forget to blindfold the kid and spin her around one time before she tries to pin the crown on the Cinderella.

Cinderella Parade
Have a Cinderella parade through the castle and outside.

Cinderella Story Continues...
Let the girls play some of the games above, but after some time let your alarm clock ring at 12:00 midnight (really another time). All the Cinderella's have to run out from the ballroom leaving behind one shoe.

Then the Grand Duke has to look for the Cinderella's who left their shoes at the ball. He has to match up each Cinderella with the correct shoe. Lots of fun and the Cinderella's will love it.

The End... of the story.

Cinderella Piñata
Finish the party off with a Cinderella piñata, the piñata can be a Cinderella or a shoe. Fill the piñata with lots of yummy candy and Cinderella related items.

Food & Drinks

Have a look at out yummy food ideas for your kids Cinderella birthday party.

Mini Burgers: They look cute and kids love them.

Hot Dogs & Petite Vegetables: Serve hot dogs with small vegetables such as petite carrots etc.

Cinderella Sandwiches: Make Cinderella sandwiches using a high heel cookie cutter.

Strawberry & Cream: Mix strawberry, sugar and whipped cream together.

Pink Waffles & Ice Cream: Serve pink waffles with vanilla ice cream.

Cinderella Cupcakes: Make cupcakes and frost them with pink or white icing and add tiny Barbie sized pair of slippers on each cupcake.

Cinderella Punch: Make pink punch and add wild berry, sliced lemon and strawberries.

Cinderella Champagne: Red soda.


For this Cinderella birthday party you should make a castle cake. It's very easy to do and it goes with the theme.

Start by making a square cake. Fill the cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting in purple. Use 4 upside down ice cream cones covered in pink icing on top of 4 swiss rolls - the towers, covered in purple icing.

Goody Bags

Buy or make your own Cinderella stardust purses and fill them with candy, jewelled bracelet, jewelled barrettes, Cinderella stickers, a glass slipper, hair clips, a lip-gloss,
sweet necklace/bracelet and gummy rings. Also, don't forget to give the kids their Cinderella crafts.

Thank You Note

Take lots of pictures during the party, better to have a photographer take a picture of each guest standing in front of a plain backdrop. Get the picture printed and framed in a cute frame to give as a gift at the end! Or just send the picture with a thank you not through email. Saying something like "Thank You for Coming to my Cinderella birthday party".

I hope you liked our Cinderella birthday party ideas and I hope your little angel will like her Cinderella birthday party. If you have any good Cinderella birthday party ideas, please SHARE them with us. This will help parents like you to find free party ideas on the net.

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