Bratz Birthday Party

If your little girl loves the Bratz pack, then having a Bratz birthday party should be the choice. Bratz are all about the look, and a Bratz party should be no different. Lets get started.


Either pre-purchase invitations matching your Bratz theme, or make them yourself, have a look below for some great Bratz birthday party invitation ideas.

Funky Fur Bratz Invitations
Cut out big- stars, high heels, purses, etc from white card stock paper. Print or write the party information on the back of the invitation with a pink glitter pen. Decorate the invitation with pink glitter glue around the edges. Add faux fur, small stick on gems (craft stores) and sparkle stickers.

Glitter Bratz Invitations
Cut out invitations cards out of cardstock. Print the guests favourite Bratz character on the front or the Bratz character who resembles that guest the most out of all the Bratz. Decorate the Bratz with different coloured glitter glue, so that the Bratz image is shining. Write the party information inside. Use matching colour envelopes.

Wording:"Join us for some Funky Fun and Glam at "name" Bratz Birthday Party. We'll all get a mini make over and pampered the Bratz Way, lots of fun. The party will be held at the Bratz House "address" the "date & time" until "time". Please RSVP to "name" at "phone number" by "date".

If the girls are young add this to your wording "Bring your favourite Bratz doll along too" if they are older add this wording "Bring some fashionable clothes to change into, when time for catwalk".


Decorate as shiny and glitzy as you can for this Bratz birthday party. The party area has to look very glamorous and girlie.

The best colours for this Bratz birthday party decorations are purple, pink, and silver. Hang lots of helium balloons and streamers in this colours. Drape your furniture in purple fabric & glitter tulle fabric. Put lots of pink ribbons all over the party area. Place mirrors in the party room (for fun mini maker-over activities later).

Have a personalized Happy Birthday banner, with you daughters name on it. Put Bratz posters all over the party area. Don't forget to put a Bratz poster in the toilet too. Also, put lots of girlie accessories around the party area, such as make-up, nail polish, party bags, high heals, etc.

Cover your party table with a Bratz table cover, Bratz plates, etc. Or dress your table with a purple coloured cover. Spread confetti all over the table. For centrepiece make a big heart shape out of cupcakes.

Buy cupcakes or make them and frost them pink, purple and silver. On top of the cupcakes put clean or new small Bratz accessories, such as a pair of high heals, a purse, etc. For extra glam put pink ribbons around the cupcakes.

Games & Activities

Bratz Mini Make-Over
Upon arrival, make your Bratz birthday party guest feel like their favourite Bratz girls with a mini make-over: a bit of lip gloss, eye shadow, blush, hair and face glitter etc. Have someone to help you with this.

Bratz Manicure or Pedicure
If you have someone to help you and there are not lots of guests, give the girls a manicure or a pedicure to make them feel like real Bratz. First rub their hand or feet with scented lotion. Before painting the girls nails, let them choose between lots of different nail polish colours. Let the nails dry well.

Bratz Fashion Show
Kids love choosing their own clothes and dressing up. Before the party collect dress up items from second-hand stores, friends, and from your own closet. Let the girls pick some fashion accessories and clothes from a big box full of fashion accessories and clothes. Have accessories such as feather boa's, hats, fake jewellery, etc.

Beforehand create a mini stage and let the girl change in two different outfits (2 changes maximum). Let each girl walk in the "cat walk" while funky music is playing in the back ground. Announce each girls name and describing her fashion set.

Bratz Diva Shots
After the fashion show let each girls pose for their glamour shots. Have a black sheet as background. If you can take instant pictures (digital or Polaroid photo) would be great. This pictures can then be used for favors or as thank you notes.

Bratz Fashion Purse
Similar to Hot Potato - Before the party let your daughter decorate one of your old party purse. With glitter, stickers, etc. Put plastic bags inside the purse so it looks full. Let the children sit in a small circle and have some music playing in the background. Start the game buy letting the girls pass the purse around. Stop the music, the girl who is at that moment holding the purse is out of the game. Play until there is only one player left.

Brats Treasure Hunt
Let the girls go on a treasure hunt, let them work in a team together. Give them small clues eventually leading to the heart shape centrepiece made out of cupcakes. Give each of them a cupcake.

Which Bratz Accessories Am I?
Before the party write names of Bratzs accessories on different small piece of papers. Fold the paper and put it in a small container. The game starts by one girl taking a paper from the container. The other girls then have to guess which Bratz accessory is written on the paper. The "guessers" can ask "yes" and "no" question. The girl who knows what it is can answer "yes", "no", or "I don't know". The game starts again after the girls have guessed right. The person who guessed right will be the next one to pick a paper out of the container. Games continues until everyone has picked a paper at least one time.

Bratz Play Time
As mention earlier, invite the girls to bring their favourite Bratz dolls and accessories. Let the girls play with their dolls. This is lots of fun especially for younger girls.

Bratz Disco Time
As we all know the "Bratz Pack" love to dance, so put some funky music on. Turn the lights off, hang a Disco ball in the centre of the room. And let the girls move to the music.

Bratz Limbo Contest
Played as classic limbo - have two adults hold the limbo stick. Play funky music while playing this game. Have a little gift ready for the winner.


Picture Frames
Let the girls make picture frames. Provide the girls with picture frames. Let them decorate their frames with stick on jewels, sparkle beads, glitter, etc.

Funky Bracelets
Invite the guest to make funky bracelets. Beforehand cut lengths of strings to fit wrists, allow a few extra inches of string to tie the jewellery closed. You will have to buy some letter beads, sparkle beads and glitter beads.

Food & Drinks

Best thing is to provide finger foods at this Bratz birthday party. Less mess and kids love them.
  • Chic Croissants: Fill mini croissants with cream cheese and strawberry jam or ham and cheese.

  • Posh Pizza: Make or order pizzas with mozzarella cheese and other toppings.

  • Bratz Toast: Spread butter on the bread, put lots of cheese. On top of the cheese put slices of tomato. Put in the oven. When the cheese has melted and is a bit brown take the bread out.

  • Fruit Tray: Arrange lots of small fruit platter with slice up watermelons, strawberries, grapes, slices of apple, oranges and other exotic fruits.

  • Strawberry Milkshake: Mix strawberries, bananas, vanilla ice-cream, and some milk in a mixer. Very yummy. Serve with pink straws.

  • Bratz Punch: Mix in a blender lime juice and frozen strawberries. Pour it into a punch bowl. Add some ginger ale and soda.

  • Pink Lemonade: Serve the lemonade in fancy glasses. Dip the rim of the glasses with little water then with sugar, put in the fridge. Take the glasses out when it's time to serve the pink lemonade.


Bratz Doll Cake
Bake a cone shaped cake (upside down). Put a new Bratz doll in the middle of the cake, naked from the waist down. It has to look like the bratz doll has a dress/skirt. Frost the cake pink. You can decorate the cake more elaborated if you wish so, with stars, hearts, etc. This cake looks really cool.

Bratz Birthday Party Cake
Make a round cake. Fill it with strawberry and vanilla filling. Frost the outside with pink icing. Then put Bratz cake topper (party stores) on the cake, this looks really nice.

Goody Bags

To make Bratz Birthday Party goody bags, buy small pretty bags at the dollar store. Fill them with Bratz related small items such as lip gloss, eye shadows, mini nail polish, fancy pens, small notepad, sunglasses, hair band, plastic rings, etc.

Thank You Note

Use the picture frames the girls made and put their Diva picture inside, plus a note saying something like "Thank You For Coming To My Bratz Birthday Party". If you can't take instant pictures, then just hand deliver the pictures and the frames with a thank you note later that week.

I hope our ideas will help you plan a awesome Bratz Birthday Party and I hope your little Bratz will love her Bratz Birthday Party.

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