Barbie Birthday Party

With our ideas your daughters Barbie birthday party will be a success, and most importantly your little Barbie will be happy.


Barbie Dress Shaped Invitations
For this Barbie birthday party invitation, you will need cardstock paper, colouring pencils, pink tulle, gel pens and pink & silver glitter.

From the cardstock paper cut postcard form invitations. Fold the card in half. Draw a little girl in the middle of the card and colour the drawing.

Glue a pink tulle skirt on the picture of the girl. Use the gel pens to add some glam to the invitations. Sprinkle some pink and silver glitter to the invitation envelopes.

Personalised Barbie Invitations
Dress your girl up as a Barbie, and take a picture. Glue the pictures on the front of the pink invitations, (cut out off pink cardstock paper, folded in half) and write the party information inside the invitations.

Barbie Picture Invitations
Go online and find some Barbie related pictures. Print out the pictures you like, cut them out, and glue them onto pink invitation cards, write the party information inside.

After deciding on one of our invitation suggestion use our wording example below:

Wording:""Name" is invited the best Barbie Party of the Year!
Our little Barbie is turning ___! Join us to celebrate her Birthday!
RSVP to "name & phone nr" by "date".
It's your chance to dress up as Barbie and please bring your favourite Barbie."


Your little princess should be dressed up as Barbie at her Barbie birthday party. Buy a costume or make your own home made costume. Give her a tiara, a wand, a pink tulle skirt and pink tights, voila you have a little Barbie. If she is older let her put on some really funky cloths and some make up.


To make Barbie birthday party decorations, start by putting lots of pink, lavender and silver balloons all over the party room. Use lots of pink and lavender streamers.

Decorate the party room with Barbie dolls, houses, furniture, and other Barbie accessories. Tie some balloons to your mail box outside to show everyone where the party is.

Make a Barbie throne chair by decorating a chair. This is done by covering the chair with a white sheet and pink tulle. To add more Barbie flair try to make a big pink bow (use a pink ribbon or pink tulle).

Use a pink table cloth and cover the table with matching Barbie plates, Barbie cups etc. Sprinkle pink candies on the table and pink rose "leaves". Make a balloon bouquet for the centrepiece, using pink and lavender balloons and a pink pot. Tie a bow around the pot with a pink ribbon. Also, place a pink shred in the pot to make it look nicer.

Games & Activities

Below you will find lots of fun ideas on games for a Barbie birthday party.

Barbie Colouring Pages
While guests wait for others to arrive, provide the girls with some Barbie colouring pages and crayons.

Barbie Mini Make Over
Have a make over table ready for when the girls arrive. Give all the girls a mini make over, if they are old enough. Have some lipstick, lip gloss, pink blush, eye make up ready for them. When they are ready let them sit on the Barbie Chair and take a picture of each guest. If you have not suggested to the girls to dress up as Barbie- in their favourite dress up costumes (in the invitation), provide them with dress up clothes.

Barbie Play Time
This activity is lots of fun, especially for younger children. Let the girls play around with their Barbie's. Let them spend time dressing their dolls, changing their clothes, fixing their hair etc. Ask you guests to bring their favourite Barbie (in the invitation) and accessories beforehand.

Guess How Many Pink Barbie Candy
Ask guests to guess how many pink candy there are in a jar. Count them before so you know how many candy there are in the jar. Decorate the jar and the lid with Barbie stickers and a pink bow. Write down guests "guesses" on a piece of paper. Announce the winner at the end of the party, the kid who guesses right or closest to the right number wins.

Pin the Crown on the Barbie
This Barbie birthday party game is similar to Pin the Tale on the Donkey. Beforehand cut out lots of small crowns out of yellow paper and draw a Princess Barbie on poster board. Don't forget to blindfold the children and spin them around, before they try to Pin the Crown on the Barbie. The kid who places the crown closest to the correct place, wins the game.

Pass the Barbie Purse
This Barbie birthday party game is similar to Hot Potato, but played with a purse. Let the girls sit in a circle, blind fold one girl. Let the other girls pass the Barbie purse from player to player around the circle.

When the blind folded player screams "hot purse", the players must stop passing the purse around. The player who is then holding the purse is out of the game.

The two last players left are the winners and can divide the goodies which are inside the purse. Beforehand fill the purse with small Barbie related items and candies.

Barbie Puzzle
This is a fun game for young girls. Hopefully, you already have lots of Barbie Puzzles. Divide the girls into two teams. The team who finishes the Barbie puzzle first, wins the game. Give the wining team a price.

Barbie Chairs
This Barbie birthday party game is similar to musical chairs, but played with dolls on the girls laps.

Barbie Treasure Chest
Let the girls look for the Barbie treasure chest. Provide clues to them and let them look for the chest. Before hand fill the treasure chest with lip gloss, Barbie stickers, little notebooks and pens, bubblegum, candy jewellery, pink candy, chocolate gold coins etc.

Barbie Face Painting
Face painting is lots of fun and the kids love it. Paint some roses or anything that goes with the theme.

Barbie Piñata
Finish the party off with a Barbie Piñata, the piñata can be in the shape of a purse, shoe, or a Barbie doll.

Barbie Crafts

Have a table set up with all the craft tools necessary before the Barbie birthday party starts.

Barbie Crown
Using our Crown Template cut a crown shape form out of gold cardboard. Let the kids decorate their crowns or tiaras. Provide them with, glitter, stick on jewels, gel pens and glue. For more deep instructions on how to make a Crown, have a look at our Birthday Crafts.

Barbie Jewellery
Let the girls make their own jewellery. Provide them with string and plastic beads. For more detailed instructions on how to make a kids jewellery, have a look at our Birthday Crafts.

Barbie Frame
Let the girls decorate their frame, provide them with glitter, stick on jewels and glue. Take lots of pictures of them in the party. Using your digital camera and computer print out a picture of each girl. Put the picture into the frame, so each girl will have their own picture and frame to take home.

Food & Drinks

It's a good idea to serve finger food at the Barbie birthday party. These will make things easier for you.

  • Barbie Sandwiches: Using a purse, dress, high hell - cookie cutter make Barbie theme inspired mini sandwiches, good for small children and they look cute.

  • Mini Croissants: Fill mini Croissants with cream cheese and ham or cream cheese and strawberry cream.

  • Hotdogs

  • Pink Ice Cream & Fruit Salad: This desert is yummy and it goes with the theme.

  • Strawberry Cream: Mix strawberries, whipped cream and some sugar in your mixer.

  • Pink Cupcakes: Make or buy cupcakes and frost them with pink icing.

  • Pink Cookies: Make sugar cookies and frost them with pink icing.

  • Strawbery Milk: If the kids are small offer them strawberry milk, it's pink.

  • Pink Sherbet: It's pink and it tastes nice, mix it with water.

  • Lemonad: Always good to have for thirsty kids.

Also, don't forget to use pink straws and table cutlery - everything in PINK.


Barbie Birthday Party Cake

Picture of Barbie Cake

This cake is much more easier done than it looks like. Make 1 normal round cake and 1 "deep" bundt cake any flavour any recipe. Also, make 2 cupcakes same flavour as the cakes.

When the cakes are done let them cool and remove the cakes from the bowl. After a while put the cakes in the fridge for some hours.

Take the cakes out of the fridge and start buy cutting the round cake in the middle twice. Fill it with chocolate cream inside or vanilla and strawberry cream. Put the round cake in the fridge for 1 hour. Take it out and place the bundt cake on top of the round cake.

Now gently fill the whole of the bundt cake with the cupcakes, so you have a small whole. Then, take a Barbie doll (nude) and insert it in the middle of the cake up to her waist.

Now, you have to make the dress of the Barbie with pink frosting. Frost the whole bundt cake with pink icing. The bundt cake forms the skirt of the dress. Frost the normal round cake white or chocolate brown or light pink. This will represent the floor in which the Barbie is standing on, so it should be another colour.

You can frost the Babies skirt very elaborate using a decorating tube to make the flowers, lace etc, or just decorate the skirt and the "floor" very simple, you choose. The day of the party dress the Barbie with a pink top.

Tips: Buy a new Barbie or clean your old one very well before using.

Goody Bags

Kids love to get Goody Bags. Pick some of our favors depending on the age of the girls at the Barbie birthday party.

For younger girls fill their goody bags with: Barbie clip art, Barbie accessories, Barbie stickers, blowing bubbles, bubble bath, glitter pens etc.

For older girls fill their goody bags with: lip gloss, eye shadow, little blush, pink glitter pen, Barbie stickers, nail polish, small pink flower shaped soap, sunglasses etc.

To make the Barbie Birthday party Goody Bags- wrap pink tulle around the favors, then wrap pink ribbon around the tulle. Make a bow with the pink ribbon, voila you have a fancy looking Goody Bag.

Thank You Note

As mentioned before, take a picture of all the guests dressed up in the "Throne Chair". Then send out the corresponding picture to each guest with a small thank you note, saying something like "Thank You for Coming to my Barbie Birthday Party".

I hope our ideas will help you plan an awesome Barbie birthday party. Please don't forget to party it forward. We would love to receive pictures of the party or ideas on which ideas were not so good and which were a great hit. This will improve this site, but also help other parents like you get more Free Barbie birthday party ideas.

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