Ballerina Party

"Cool Ballerina Party Ideas!"

So your little princess wants to have a Ballerina Party so she can be a little ballerina. We have lots of good Ballerina birthday party ideas, so lets start planning.


Ballet Shoe Invitation
Make a drawing on pink poster board of a pair of ballet shoes on point (rectangle), double it and cut out the front part so that it opens. Use a hole puncher to make 2 holes, tie a pink ribbon in a bow. Print the party information with white glitter gel pen or use your computer (before you cut the invitations).

Ballerina Party Invitation
Get ready made ballerina theme invitations and wrap tulle around them to look like a tutu. Cut two-inch wide strips (pink tulle), to about 12 inches in length. Use a large needle and some pink yarn and tie them around the invitation. Sprinkle some sparkling powder inside the envelope.

" ____ is invited to Anna's Ballerina Bash!
It'll be Tu-tu and much fun!
Help us to blow her candles out!
The party will be held the "date and time" until "time" at "address".
Please RSVP to "phone nr" by "date". It's your chance to dress like a ballerina."

Dress code/ costumes

Your little princess should dress up like a ballerina and ask guests to put on tutus.


Pink is the main colour for these Ballerina party. Hang up lots of pink and white balloons everywhere. Use lots of pink streamers along the walls with pink tulle or white.

Hang up ballerina shoes around the party room (if you have any). Also, hang posters of famous ballet dancers and ballets. Have classic ballet music playing during the party.

Use a pink tablecloth with pink confetti (in the shape of stars), put it all over the table. Also use pink paper ware and use ballet themed hair scrunchies as napkin holders. You can use white glitter (or pink) pens to write happy birthday on the paper ware. Have a Ballerina Piñata for centrepiece.

Games & Activities

After every one has arrived to the Ballerina party let the little ballerinas get styled. Provide a table with lots of style accessories (children's make up, lots of lip gloss, pink costume jewellery). It can be difficult to apply eye make-up on young girls, but blush and lipstick will easily transform them into ballerina divas. Maybe someone can help you and play the role of hair stylist, makeup artist etc.

When every one is done let your daughter stand in the middle with a crown and let everyone pose for a second and take a picture, this picture can later be used as Thank You Note.

Our Ballerina party games are so popular we have a whole section dedicated to Ballerina party games. Below you will find some examples of the Ballerina party games we have.

  • Ballerina Teacher
    Learn some ballerina steps beforehand. At the Ballerina party teach the little ballerinas some ballet positions and some basic moves such as jete, plie, pirouette, arabesque, attitude etc.

  • Ballet Contest
    Who can walk on their ballerinas "tiptoes" for the longest time. Have a small gift ready for the winner.

  • Ballerina Relay
    This Ballerina party game is lots of fun. Start by dividing the guest into 3 teams. Have every one put their ballerina shoes on the other side of the room. Have each team member tiptoe across the room like a ballerina (on their toes), pirouette 4 times and then dance back like a ballerina to the team. The team who finishes first wins.

  • Ballet scavenger hunt
    Let the girls look for inexpensive ballet related items.

  • Musical Ballerina
    Ballerina party game similar to musical chairs, but played with ballerina music playing in the background.

  • Dance Contest
    Make 3 groups, teach them an easy dance and let them perform it, the group who performs the dance best, wins. This gives them a chance to dance and feel like real ballerinas.

  • Ballet Slipper Piñata
    Finish the party off with a Ballet or Ballerina Piñata. Piñatas are lots of fun and kids love them.

  • Dance Studio
    Want something special? Hire a dance studio and an ballerina instructor to teach the girls some steps.

Food & Drinks

We have lots of yummy Ballerina party ideas for food and drinks, have a look below.

  • Mini Croissants: Serve mini croissants with yummy fillings.

  • Ballet Sandwiches: Serve mini sandwiches in shape of hearts and ballet slippers, using a cookie cutter.

  • Strawberries & Chocolate: Serve strawberries dipped in chocolate, the kids will love this.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Ballet Cookies: Make sugar cookies in the form of ballet slippers, using a ballet shaped cookie cutter, and add some pink icing.

  • Ballerina Cupcakes: Buy or make yummy cupcakes and decorate the cupcakes with pink icing and with a white plastic ballerina slipper on top of the cupcakes.

  • Soda & Water

  • Pink Punch: Serve pink punch in tea cups. It goes with the theme and it is very cute.


Mini Ballerina Shaped Cakes
To make this Ballerina party cake you need to make two sheet cakes or more (vanilla flavour). Once the cakes has cooled flip it out of the baking pans into a large carving board. Stick the cakes into the freezer for about 20-30 minutes.

Then with a Ballerina cookie cutter (about 4 inches wide), cut out the Mini Ballerina Cakes on the sheet cake. Place the Mini Ballerinas Cakes on a serving platter and use pink and white icing for decorations. All of the kids will have their own mini Ballerina Cake.

Ballerina Cupcakes Cake
To make this Ballerina party cupcakes you need to make or buy 24 or 48 chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. Put the cupcakes on a half sheet or full sheet cake platter. Ask your local bakery to print and sell you the tranfer paper of a picture of ballet shoes or of a ballerina.

Put the tranfer paper of the "image" on top of the cupcakes. Then outline and fill it with icing and decorate as if it was a cake covering all the cupcakes. It looks just like a cake, but then you have equal size pieces for everyone!

Ballerina Cakeb-16
Make a round cake (any size), when done let it cool. Fill the cake with chocolate cream and vanilla cream (or other filling you like). Put the cake in the fridge for at least 5 hours. Frost the cake all lilac, put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Cut out a picture of Ballerina slippers from a clipart, paper plate, etc. Place the picture on top of the frosted cake. Trace the outline of the slippers with a toothpick. When done remove the picture from the cake. Using cake writing gel, trace the slippers outlines, etc. Use the picture of the cake for guidance when applying colour gel to the slippers.

Goody Bags

Fill the goody bags with all kinds of pink girlie stuff: lip gloss, pink flavoured lip balm, mini pink nail polish, pink hair accessories, pink bracelets & earrings, candy necklace, pink tights, and other ballet related goodies. As for the actual treat bag, cut some pink tulle into squares, wrap the treats up in the netted fabric, and tie it with a pink ribbon.

I hope our party ideas will help you in your planning and I hope your princess will love and enjoy her Ballerina Party!

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