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Ballerina Party Games

  • Ballerina Teacher: Be a ballerina teacher to the little ballerinas. Learn some ballerina steps before hand an teach the little ballerinas some ballet positions and some basic moves such as jete, plie, pirouette, arabesque, attitude etc.

  • How Long Can You Hop: Ask the girls to start hopping on one leg while you play music. The ballerinas who stop hopping or put down their other leg, are out of the game. The last ballerina left hopping is the winner.

  • Copy Ballerina: Similar to Copy Cat. Let the little ballerinas stand in a circle, one of the dancers has to start to make a ballerina step, such as a jete and then the other ballerinas have to copy her. The second player copies her movement and adds a new movement. Then the third player does the same. At the end of the game the little ballerinas will have a dance after coping all the movements they made up.

  • How do we Dance: Let the little ballerinas dance and stop the music and ask "How do we dance? We dance by shaking our legs!". Put the music on and the little ballerinas have to shake their legs, then stop the music again and ask "How do we dance? We dance by shaking our arms, dancing in tiptoes.. dancing in circles etc." And the little ballerinas have to dance with their tiptoes... dancing in circles, following the moves that you will call out .

  • Musical Ballerina: The children all dance like little ballerinas to music. When the music stops the ballerinas have to stand as still as they can. The person who moves or speaks is out of the game.

  • Tiptoes Contest: Put some music on and let the little ballerinas dance on their ballerinas "tiptoes" for the longest time. The ballerina who can tiptoe the longest wins the contest. Play this game 3-4 times.

  • Ballerina Relay: Divide the guest into 3 teams. Have every one put their ballerina shoes on the other side of the room. Have each team member tiptoe across the room like a ballerina (on their toes), pirouette 4 times and then dance back like a ballerina to the team. The team who finishes first wins.

  • Dance Contest: Make 3 groups, teach them an easy dance and let them perform it, the group who performs the dance best, wins. This gives them a chance to dance and feel like real ballerinas.

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