Baby Birthday Party Ideas

Read through our Baby Birthday Party Ideas and incorporate the best ideas into your party.

Your baby's first birthday is a moment which deserves real celebration and turning 1 is a theme by itself. But what is important to remember is that the birthday child is not really aware of this, so this party is more for family and friends.

What is really important when planning your girls 1st birthday party is to keep the party short and simply and most importantly to avoid tears. You don't have to go overboard, just invite the closest family and friends, your baby maybe will feel overwhelmed by strangers if you invite to many people.

Have your girls 1st birthday party in the morning or at lunchtime to avoid afternoon naps. Plan before hand, more you plan, smoother you party will run and more fun you will have.


Check out our cool Baby birthday party ideas for invitations.

Birth Certificate Invites
Photocopy a birth certificate or a birth announcement (use pink paper). For the cover of the invitations use the photocopied certificates. Write the party information on the back. Put glitter or confetti inside pink envelope so it spills out when the invitation is opened.

Wording: "Anna just turned One! Now she is calling all her family and friends to help her celebrate her first birthday." Join us the "date and time" until "time" at "address". RSVP to "name & phone nr" by "date"."

Collage Invitations
This Baby birthday invitation is a great idea, make a collage of pictures. When your princess was born, when she is eating, when she is bathing etc. Use pink cardboard, glue and glitter. Be Creative!!!

American Baby Magazine Cover Invitations
American Baby Magazine Cover Invitation, (you need a digital camera for this invitation idea. Pick an amazing picture of your baby girl, edit the picture and write on top of the picture "American Baby" in the left side of the picture write "_____ IS TURNING ONE" and add the party information, below. This invitation has to look like the front page of a magazine. It's very cute and girlie. This invitation is emailed to the guests.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -


Pick all or some of our girls 1st birthday party ideas for decorations!

The main colours for this Baby birthday party is pink and white. Get lots of pink and white balloons and streamers, add a pink 1st birthday banner. Cut large number ones, cut from pink & white paper and hang them around the party room .

Decorate the party room with lots of photos of your baby girl, from new born to current. Have lots of stuffed animals around the party room.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -

Games & Activities

We have awesome Baby birthday party ideas for games and activities, just look below.

We have some quiet games and activities that parents and babies can play with each other.

Say Hello
Parents and their babies sit in a circle (on their lap), and sing "Say hello, hello. Say hello, hello, Say hello, hello (baby’s name)" A new baby is introduced at the end of each verse.

Roll the Ball
Parents and their babies sit in a circle (on their lap), roll a soft ball across, from one to another.

Cuddle, Cuddle
Parent and baby sit next to each other and they have a soft toy both stroke while music is playing in the background. When the music stops, baby and parent kiss and hug their toy.

What is What
Names different parts of the body, such as mouth, ears, eyes etc and let your baby point to them.

Row the Boar
Parent and baby sit opposite to each other holding hands, rocking backwards and forwards and singing "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream". Older children can sit opposite each other.

If You are Happy and You know it
Parent's sing and the kids & babies match the action. "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands... clap your hands" the children have to match the action by clapping. Then you go again "If you're happy and you know it, then you surely want to show it, if you are happy and you know it turn around... turn around" Then you go again and end with nod your head... stamp your feet etc.

Story Time
This is a great Baby birthday party idea, start or end the party with a story.

Baby Girls Year
Show a home video of the 1st year of the birthday girl.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -

Food & Drinks

We have lots of yummy Baby birthday party ideas for food and drinks, have a look below.

  • Sandwiches: Peanut butter & jelly or cream cheese sandwiches, cut into shapes.

  • Pasta Salad: For the adults, easy to make and can be made before hand.

  • Vegetables and Dips: For the adults, raw vegetable platter with dips.

  • Furit Salad with Cream

  • Ice Cream: Serve in small cones, for easier eating.

  • Cheese and Crackers ..m..m

  • Nr 1 Cookies: Cookies frosted pink with a nr 1 on them.

  • Mini Pink Fromage: Buy or make mini fromage.

  • Cupcakes: Make or buy luxury cupcakes and decorate with a nr 1 candle.

  • Milk, Water & Dilute Juices: The babies will get thirsty.

  • Soda: For the older kids and adults.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -


Check out our cool Baby birthday party ideas for cake.

1st Birthday Cupcakes
Make or buy cupcakes, frost with pink and silver frosting. Put 1 candle in the middle. Personally I think for 1st birthday parties, cupcakes with 1 candle, is a much better alternative then a cake. Cupcakes are less messy.

First Birthday Cake - Picture of First Birthday Cake
Make a sheet cake and cut out a number one. Fill the cake with strawberry cream and vanilla cream. Frost the cake pink. Decorate the cake with candy- make flower looking candy on top of the cake. Look at the picture of the cake to understand better.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -

Goody Bags

Look at our cool Baby birthday party ideas for favors below.

Party bags are dangerous at this age (such as balloons and sweets). But If you really want to give a going away present this idea is safe: a soft toy plus a yummy big luxury cupcake.

Decorate the cupcake using red string liquorice on the cupcake to resemble a tied package "cupcake", make a bow with the liquorice. Or add a real pink ribbon around the cupcake, so sweet.

- Baby Birthday Party Ideas -

Thank You Note

Take lots of pictures during the party and send them with a Thank You Note to your guests. Add something like "Thanks for coming to my 1st Birthday Party".

I hope our Baby birthday party ideas will help you in your planning and I hope your princess will love and enjoy her 1st Birthday Party!

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