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Birthday Party Ideas

So your little angel loves the America Idol show and you are looking for American Idol birthday party ideas. We have lots of fun American Idol party ideas to make your party a success.

The American Idol show starts when the little guests arrive. As the guests arrive give them a contestant number (do this with your computer, it is really easy).


Check out our cool American Idol birthday party ideas for invitations.

Star Invitations
Cut out starts out of gold coloured chartreuse card stock paper. Put silver glitter on the borders of the invites. Write the party information on the back of the stars using a glitter pen.

Are you the next American Idol?
Come to Anna's birthday party for your chance to perform and become a star! Auditions will be held at "address" on "date and time" until "time".
Must come dressed to perform.
To RSVP, call phone number by "date".

Be sure to let guests know that they can perform in groups and if they don't want to perform they can be a judge, and dress up like one.

Audition Tickets
Make audition tickets as invitations. Use blue chartreuse card stock paper, print the invitation in silver font and decorate the paper with silver stars and some silver glitter.

Welcome to Hollywood!
Anna would like to invite you to come to the audition for American Idol in honour of her birthday! Auditions will be held at "address" on "date and time" until "time".
To RSVP, call phone number by "date".
When you call, please tell us the song you will be singing. You can't change the song once you tell us.
If you would not like to sing, you can be a judge.

Dress Code

At this American Idol birthday party everyone should dress up as random people that were on American Idol and then make an impression of that singer. The judges also have to dress up as one of the judges on American Idol either Paula, Simon, or Randy.


Pick all or some of our American Idol birthday party ideas for decoration!

Bright blue and silver has to be the colour scheme for this American Idol birthday party. Hang plenty of silver stars from the ceiling using fishing line. Hang up lots of blue and silver balloons and streamers.

Create a stage by making a backdrop on the wall with a white sheet or hang up white curtains. Paint the sheet or the curtains with the American Idol logo or a star, and hang them up around the stage. Make a Judges Table- Put a white sheet on top of the table and put lots of silver stars on the table. The table should be in front of the stage.

Create a red carpet entrance, make your own with a long piece of red butcher paper, leading up to the door. The kids will get really excited to walk on the red carpet!

Use a light blue table cover and plates, cups, etc with the American Idol logo on them. Decorate the table with lots of cut out stars from silver and blue paper. For centrepiece make a stars shape out of cupcakes.

Before the party frost 40 cupcakes with silver and blue frosting. Put a plastic star in the middle of the cupcakes (party stores). When done with the cupcakes, put them in the middle of the table and make a star shape.


We have awesome American Idol birthday party ideas for games and activities, have a look below.

There are two ways to have an American Idol party, pick one of our American Idol birthday party ideas for this. Rent/ buy/ borrow a karaoke machine or record a CD beforehand with the songs the guest are going to sing.

You can ask the guests beforehand what song they would like to sing. Prepare yourself by downloading the songs on a CD. You can then play this songs, when the "artists" have to sing. If you have a karaoke machine, just let the guests pick the songs they like!

Also, remind the "judges" about the rules. They have to rate the singers from a scale of 1-5. Every judge has to give a number at the end of each performance. The singer with the highest total score wins.

The judges can not give verbal feedback, as this may upset some singers, as we all know some children are more fragile then others. Prices and certificates are included in this audition. It is best if there can be as many winners as possible.

The judges have to decide on the best:

  • vocal performance

  • costume

  • dancer

  • funniest act

After the audition, give prices to the winners (can be trophies or certificates with candy or chocolate). Certificates can be made before the party (use your computer to make certificates designated for winners in different categories).

After the prices are presented it's time to eat! After eating let the girls play around and let them sing some popular songs which your daughter picked beforehand and which she also believes her friends like. If you have a karaoke machine let the guests pick which songs they want to sing and simply just let them play around.

Extra Activities- American Idol Piñata, this is really fun for smaller kids! Fill a microphone or a star piñata with candy, stars, tattoos and glow items for extra fun!

Food & Drinks

We have lots of yummy American Idol birthday party ideas for food and drinks, have a look below. Pick the suggestions your daughter likes best!
  • Star Pizza: Make star shape pizzas.

  • Star Sandwiches: Make star sandwiches with the help of a star shape cookie cutter.

  • Star Cupcakes: Frost your cupcakes blue and silver and buy plastic decorations to stick in them. There is big chances, you'll find one's that says American Idol or has a microphones, etc.

  • Star Cookies: Make star cookies with the help of a star shape cookie cutter, frost the cookies blue.

  • Ice Cream

  • Chips

  • American Idol Punch: Make American Idol punch and add colourful stars, made of ice (party stores).

  • Juice & Soda


We have two American Idol birthday party ideas for cake, pick the one you fancy the most.

Microphone Cake
Use a round cake and a sheet cake to make a microphone. Cut a narrow piece from the sheet cake to create the microphone handle. Frost the round cake with white frosting and sprinkle blue colour sugar over the top. Frost the handle with chocolate frosting. Add a piece of black liquorice whip to the end of the handle to make a remote microphone chord. A good tip is to freeze your sheet cake/s before cutting into pieces.

American Idol Cake
cake! birthday cake ;-)To make this American Idol birthday party cake you must first bake a sheet cake. When done let it cool. Fill the cake with your favourite filling. Put the cake in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Frost all the cake pink and put the cake in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Cut out a picture of the American Idol image from a clipart, paper plate, etc. Place the picture on top of the frosted cake. Trace the outline of the image with a toothpick. When done remove the picture from the cake. Using cake writing gel, trace the images outlines, etc. Use the American Idol birthday cake picture for guidance when applying colour gel to the cake. When done you will have a great looking American Idol birthday cake.

Goody Bags

For the party bags put random things that have to do with singing! Include stars, candy, glow items, play microphone, CD mix, stickers and lip gloss. As for the actual treat bag, cut some blue tulle into star shapes, wrap the treats up in the netted fabric, and tie it with a blue ribbon.

- American Idol Birthday Party Ideas -

I hope our American Idol birthday party ideas will help you in your planning and I hope your princess will love and enjoy her American Idol birthday party. Also don't forget to SHARE your ideas and pictures with us. If you have great American Idol Birthday party ideas we and other parents around the world would like to hear from you.

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